Student Testimonials

“Wow! Stacy Hawkins Adams’ Author In You nonfiction writing tele-class just concluded and I can sum up my experience with that one word…. Stacy guided me through the logical structure for my book by asking in-depth questions and listening attentively. She is bull’s-eye accurate in getting to the heart of the story and clear about what belongs and where it fits…. I know now how to craft my book, thanks to the class and the inspirational coaching from Stacy.”
~ Scarlett Schwartz

“I started writing my ‘bestseller’ novel more than 10 years ago and could not get beyond 30 pages. Subsequently, I put it on the shelf and off the ‘to do’ list for a few years. Tired of procrastination and excuses, I asked Stacy if she would be willing to coach me through the writing process. 175,000+ words and 270 pages later, my manuscript is complete! Stacy helped me refocus, get into the characters’ minds and hearts and find my writing voice. Thank you, Stacy, for hanging in there with me. Now on to the next book!”
~ Vanessa Womack Easter

“Stacy’s Author In You coaching program jumpstarted my desire to revise my manuscript. Nurturing and informative, Stacy not only shares her own successful writing strategies, she also showcases high-profile authors to provide invaluable advice. Whether a new writer or a seasoned one, Stacy’s expertise will demystify the writing process and renew your passion as an author.”
~ Robin Farmer

“Thank you so much for your wonderful coaching program. You are so inspiring and knowledgeable about what it takes to become a published author. I truly enjoyed learning in a group format – each week I looked forward to hearing what the other participants were experiencing on their writing journey. Author in You, is a program that I would recommend to any aspiring author.”
~ Angela January