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Welcome to Stacy Hawkins Adams’ 2023 Writing Workshop!

Writing @ The Garden….

What is Writing @ The Garden? Writing workshops for aspiring authors and others interested in learning more about penning fiction or nonfiction, the publishing world or journaling. Hosted at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia by award-winning author, essayist and writer mentor Stacy Hawkins Adams.

Write your way forward in spring 2023!
  • Hone your writing project and/or refine your personal goals
  • Say “Yes” to you!
  • Receive tips and advice in a beautiful setting, with an experienced, motivational instructor

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Workshop: Journal Your Way to Joy 

Saturday, April 29, 2023 — 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

If you want to experience how journaling can enhance your fiction or nonfiction publishing goals, or if you want to journal for clarity, personal growth or to help you achieve a specific result, Stacy’s workshop is for you.

During scheduled periods in each class, participants will have opportunities to let their creativity or heartfelt thoughts flow, so bring a journal!

Registration Deadline: Thursday, April 27, 2023

Register Here: $60

For beginning journal keepers and beginning or mid-level writers seeking to jumpstart their creative fiction or nonfiction projects.
  • Explore how journaling can help you clarify your goals and pinpoint strategies for success
  • Receive tips on how to use journaling as a launching pad for your fiction or nonfiction project
  • Learn creative ways to journal for personal growth or to create a family history

Register Here: $60

(Limited seats available and social distancing will be practiced.)

Post-workshop student feedback: “I came in feeling stuck, but I’m leaving feeling inspired, and I have a tangible/actionable plan to help me finish. Thank you! “

Meet Stacy – She’s ready to guide you!

“I’m a former journalist with 20+ years of professional writing experience. I’m also the author of two nonfiction books and nine women’s fiction novels. For more than a decade, I penned a freelance parenting column for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and served for a few years as a community blogger for the Huff Post. I’ve also had the privilege of teaching adjunct writing classes at the University of Richmond and leading workshops at writing conferences nationwide. I truly enjoy helping writers find their voice and birth their writing goals, whether in book form, via blogging or simply through journaling for clarity and self-understanding. I’d love to work with you, too!” ~ Stacy

For more information on Stacy’s body of work, visit StacyHawkinsAdams.com and the blog she curates, LifeUntapped.com.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is one of the top botanical gardens in the United States and is located at 1800 Lakeside Avenue in Richmond, Va. To learn more about its mission and community events, visit LewisGinter.org.

Feedback from Writer Students…

“I have several books waiting to be birthed, and Stacy helped push me along the path. Her teaching style was interactive and inspiring, and I find myself regularly drawing upon the notes from the class. It was a special privilege to take the class, because Stacy is also one of my favorite authors, so learning from someone for whom I have so much respect made it an even more enjoyable experience. I have since recommended this class to others to take.” ~ R. Creighton

“Stacy has a gift not only for writing and teaching, but guiding people to find their talents and fully utilize them for the enjoyment and benefit of all. I would highly recommend anyone to take Stacy’s course, or any type of course she teaches, as it will change your life… it has changed mine!”  ~ C. Troiano

“She has the patience and professionalism to gently guide amateur authors on their path towards becoming published professionals. The world is a better, more creative place with Stacy in it.” ~ A. Taylor-White

“Stacy is very knowledgeable of the essential processes, it takes to become a traditional published author or self-published author. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and the abundance of resources offered by Stacy. Stacy’s personable coaching approach ignited my enthusiasm for completing my Ebook and confirming my commitment to a traditional published academic author!” ~ M. Collins-Brown

“Stacy has an uncannily perceptive knack for getting to the “wow factor” of the story, providing insights I didn’t initially see. I learned invaluable writing tools and tips, including “writing forward,” to a useful exercise for getting past any writing blocks. Stacy guided me through the logical structure for my book by asking in-depth questions and listening attentively. She is bull’s-eye accurate in getting to the heart of the story and clear about what belongs and where it fits.” ~ S. Heinbuch

Thus far, eight students from the Unleash workshops have published one or more books; one has appeared on national TV to promote her memoir, and numerous others have completed manuscripts that are in the editing phase. Several  students maintain popular blogs.

Students in the inaugural 2014 “Unleash Your Writer Within” workshop at Ellwood Thompson’s in Richmond, Va.
Stacy with students from a Unleash Your Writer Within workshop – in Fayetteville, N.C.
Stacy with students from a January 2018 Unleash Your Writer Within workshop in Richmond, VA

Stacy with students who participated in Writing @ The Garden 2018 workshops in Richmond, VA

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Workshop Fee: $60

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